Mathematical model of the baker's yeast production

The model of fed-batch cultivation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae is presented, the feeding of substrate and the cooling of the bioreactor are controlled during the cultivation. The model is used in simulations to monitor the yield and the duration of the process at different technological runs.

Graph of a simulation run
Time courses of the key variables in the simulation - the concentration of substrate S (upper window, orange) and yeast concentration X (upper window, purple) in the bioreactor, temperature T (middle window, red) and the flow of cooling water Fv (middle window, dark blue), the inflow of the substrate solution into the bioreactor FS (bottom window, light blue) and the entire volume V (lower window, green)

The mathematical model is used not only in research studies but it also helps to teach students. It serves as an instrument to improve their understanding of phenomena that can occur during the cultivations of microorganisms.

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