Fermentation unit CHEPOS 150

Fermentation unit CHEPOS 150 is a multi-purpose fermenter that provides microprocessor-control of major process parameters including automatic sterilisation of all functional parts. The unit is designed for a wide range of microbial fermentations, it contains a 150 1 fermenter together with auxiliary storage vessels and thus the unit can be employed under aseptic conditions for batch and fed-batch cultivation too.

Picture of the CHEPOS 150 fermentation unit with the cabinet of the control system
CHEPOS 150 fermentation unit with the cabinet of the control system

CHEPOS 150 is a self-contained unit with built-in control with requires the external supply of power, steam, water and air only. Both the preparatory phases and cultivation are highly automatised according to desired programmes.

The control-system is based on CHP 3000 microcomputer and provides the process monitoring, closed-loop control of key process parameters and takes care of sequential logic during the sterilisation of the whole unit.

Main features of CHEPOS 150

  • vessels: main vessel of 150 l, two storage vessels of 5 l and one storage vessel of 1 l, all made of stainless steel and designed for efficient sterilisation in-situ, including piping, connections, valves etc.,
  • mixing: bottom entering mixer shaft with double mechanical seal lubricated by steam condensate. Motor drive of 1,5 kW is equipped the variable speed control within the range from 50 to 600 r.p.m.,
  • aeration: sterilised air by interchangeable cartridge filter in the rate from 10 to 200 l p.min. enters the fermenter through a ring sparger distributor. Designed system secures high values of OTR. The overpressure up to 300 kPa of air above the liquid level is maintained according to the set value of the controller,
  • sterilisation: automatic system provides sterilisation of the whole unit by steam from the external supply. Sterilisation temperature varies from 80 to 135 °C,
  • temperature control: during cultivation the fermentation broth temperature is controlled in the range from 20 to 50 °C by circulating water through the vessel jacket,
  • exhaust: gasses from fermentation are treated in a system consisting of specially designed condenser, steam barrier and filter,
  • vessel penetrations: supply nozzles for substrate and air, harvesting tube with bottom valve, sampler port, thermowell, pH, ORP and dissolved O2 ports, foam level detector, pressure gauge port,
  • temperature barriers: all openings to the environment and headplate are protected by steam.

Control system

  • the closed loops provide a control of cultivation temperature, pH, foam level, pressure in the fermenter, mixer speed, air flow-rate,
  • the state of the process is continuously monitored by evaluating the data coming from control loops and additional sensors such as dissolved O2, temperature in storage vessels, components metering, control valves position, etc. and
  • sterilisation cycle is controlled by preprogrammed sequence of required steps.

Gold medal from International fair Plovdiv

Our fermenter was awarded by the Gold medal at the International fair in Plovdiv, Bulgaria 1989.

Image of diploma from International fair Plovdiv
Diploma from International fair Plovdiv

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