Photograph Full name Position Focus
Photo of Jan Náhlík Prof. Jan Náhlík, MSc, PhD professor
head of the laboratory
Design of Control Systems, Sequential Control, Control of Biotechnological Processes, Artificial Intelligence, Project Management.
Photo Jany Finkeové Jana Finkeová, MSc, PhD assistant professor
Mathematical modelling of chemical and biochemical processes.
Photo of Hana Soušková Hana Soušková, MSc, PhD assistant professor
Application of microcontrollers, control theory, usage of non-thermal plasma for decontamination.
Photo of Iva Nachtigalová Iva Nachtigalová, MSc, PhD assistant professor
Chemical and food process control, expert systems for process control.
Photo of Pavel Hrnčiřík Pavel Hrnčiřík, MSc, PhD assistant professor
Advanced control and monitoring of bioprocesses, knowledge-based systems for process control.
Geographical information systems, 3D terrain modelling and visualization.
Photo of Jaroslav Vovsík Jaroslav Vovsík, MSc, PhD assistant professor
Artificial intelligence methods (fuzzy logic, knowledge-based systems) and their usage for the process control with a view to biotechnology processes.
Control system design, including PLC programming and user interface design in SCADA/HMI software.
Photo of Jan Mareš Jan Mareš, MSc, PhD assistant professor
Mathematical modelling and control of nonlinear processes (Generalised Predictive Control, Predictive Functional Control, …) and application to thermal and biotechnological processes.

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Bioprocess Control Laboratory

Bioprocess Control Laboratory

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