In our research work, the emphasis is put on the verification of theoretical results and methods by experimental cultivations in the bioreactor. Multiagent control system BIOGENES II represents the process control system developed by our group.

The original equipment from the 1980's was completely modernized and upgraded due to grants from international research projects since 1995.

Photograph of the laboratory with the bioreactor
Bioprocess control laboratory – general view

Measurement and control

The following process variables are measured or controlled during the experiments:

  • temperature T
  • medium's acidity pH
  • dissolved oxygen concentration DOT
  • oxygen concentration in off-gas O2
  • carbon dioxide concentration in off-gas CO2
  • ethanol concentration EtOH
  • biomass concentration X
  • concentration of other substances using chromatographic methods

On-line analyzers:

  • paramagnetic analyzer of O2 Servomex 1100A
  • infrared analyzer of CO2 Servomex 1440B
  • Membrane analyzer of ethanol Alcosens 2620, Frings
  • Capacitance analyzer of biomass concentration Biomass Monitor BM210, Aber Instruments
  • Analyzer of medium's composition – HPLC chromatograph, Waters

Manipulated variables:

  • stirring speed S
  • gas flow rate Fv
  • feeding flow rate Fm
  • acid flow rate Fa
  • base flow rate Fb

Other equipment:

  • analyzer of cell number, size and concentration Z2 Coulter Counter, Beckman Coulter
  • analytical balance AND HR-200, A&D

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Bioprocess Control Laboratory

Bioprocess Control Laboratory

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