Scope of the group

The Bioprocess Control Laboratory at ICT Prague studies advanced modelling and control methods of biotechnological processes. These processes are based on the behaviour of living microorganisms. From the control point of view they represent complex nonlinear and time variant systems. For effective control of such processes it is necessary to use and to integrate all available knowledge from cell physiology via heuristic experience rules to mathematical models.

A photograph of members of the Bioprocess Control Laboratory research group
Members of the Bioprocess Control Laboratory research group

The present research of the Bioprocess Control Laboratory focuses on the following topics:

  • Study of new methods for on-line measurement of chemical composition (labs-on-a-chip),
  • Application of data mining methods and methods for knowledge extraction from measurements of different kinds (time courses, frequency spectra),
  • Application of knowledge gained by data mining techniques and present findings of metabolic engineering for the creation of physiological models of bioprocesses,
  • Study of intelligent methods of physiological bioprocess control including knowledge-based control, fuzzy on-line classification of physiological states or artificial neural networks for models and software sensors,
  • Development of multiagent knowledge-based control systems as an implementation platform for the methods mentioned above in control of particular model bioprocesses.

A photograph of Prof. Zdeněk Burianec
Prof. Zdeněk Burianec

Our research group continues the work of Professor Zdeněk Burianec, who started intensive work in the research of bioprocess computer control at ICT Prague in the eighties of the 20th century, which coincides with the origins of this field. Together with the development of theoretical methods for modelling and control of bioprocesses his research group developed and realised different laboratory and industrial bioreactor control systems in course of time for practical verification and application of achieved theoretical research results and we adhere to this tradition all along.

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Bioprocess Control Laboratory

Bioprocess Control Laboratory

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